Partners have always played a key role since the inception of TechChronos. We have engaged with partners from various regions and industries to deliver projects to end clients. Partners tend to play a complementary role to our services or sometimes bolster our core services where localisation is concerned. We primarily collaborate with our associates in four aspects.

Business Associates

Business associates bolster our marketing and sales efforts in regions or industries where we do not have a physical presence. We have a strong business associate program which allows associates to resale our services to end clients easily.

We provide white labelled marketing and sales materials to our associates which enables them to be up and running in matter of minutes. The relationship is founded on complete transparency and attribution. Our associates generate the leads, manage client relationships and we deliver the product.

Technical Collaborations (Software)

While it is rare, but for executing certain projects we need to find partners who have niche technical or design expertise that we might not have internally.

A common scenario is developing algorithms for clients which is completely bespoke. We collaborate with research organisations or universities to build such niche solutions for clients.

Another scenario is building user experience for a niche audience. While our in house UX capabilities are globally relevant and spans most industries, but some niche markets might have very specific UX requirements. This often requires working with organisations or with individuals with the niche expertise.

Technical Collaborations (Hardware)

It is common for us to work with Hardware experts from academia or industry while developing a project. Common scenarios are projects which requires integrations with POS, self-serving Kiosks, bespoke hardware control and IOT.

With the influx of connected technologies, IOT has gained prominence off late. We have delivered projects in this domain and often have collaborated with relevant organisations to build the final product.

Solution Research

In order to build an end-to-end solution, often we have to process knowledge from the relevant industry. This includes best practices of the industry and regulations. Our tech leads often work with 3rd party industry experts to build domain knowledge which allows them to architect the development blueprint. Common industry experts we work with come from the fields of Law, Logistics and Accounting.


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