Cloud Consultancy Services

Cloud computing capabilities have revolutionised and democratised how data is managed and software projects are deployed. It has opened up computing powers which was once only available to the big companies. By doing so it has allowed SMEs to make their services more easily and cost effectively available to all regions.

Scaling a business operation or service offering has become immensely affordable than what it used to be less than 10 years ago. Business Intelligence, Data Storage and Big Data solutions in the Cloud have become a viable and secure proposition. Cloud has given organisations flexibility to expand or contract computing resources on-demand and only pay for resources used.

While Cloud Services have usage of computing resources transparent, it has also created new parameters in application development and storage optimisation. When you are looking at maximising the benefits that cloud has to offer, you need to rethink the how to develop, deploy, maintain and backup your applications and data.

TechChronos Cloud Consultancy is the perfect foil for companies who are about to move parts or whole of their computing needs to the cloud. We have developed Cloud Management Frameworks which organisations can use to deploy their services on the cloud and scale seamlessly. Our consultancy includes the following:

Determining the Cloud Services you need

There are five main variants of cloud services – Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Storage, Platform as a Service (PaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS) and Desktop as a Service (DaaS). Depending on what your organisation is trying to achieve in its effort to migrate to the cloud, you will use one or a mix of these variants. The key is to identify which areas of the organisation will benefit most from a move to the cloud and then matching the right type of service to achieve the goal. Our Cloud Consultants creates a comprehensive report of an organisation’s needs and makes recommendations on what aspects should be moved to the cloud. The report also includes details of the stages in which cloud deployment takes place.

Picking Cloud Service Providers

Our consultant team constantly works with all the major cloud providers globally including AWS, Microsoft Azure, Salesforce, Google App Engine, Rackspace, Heroku, Citrix, VMWare, Openshift and others. Our Consultant team can help develop the integration points between your organisation and the cloud services that you want to use. These integration points form the blueprint for a push to the cloud.

CDN Deployments

Content delivery networks allows organisations with a global reach to optimise content delivery to end users. Content delivery also comes in several variants and it is critical to determine what is suited for your organisation. SaaS CDNs deployed by Akamai optimise your software service delivery whereas Cloudflare CDNs are ideal for media delivery. Our consultants can help determine what CDNs are required to support your global operations and then develop a game plan for deployment.

Application Development Guidelines

If your company builds apps for customers or for internal use and wants to deploy them on a cloud infrastructure, there are best practices that needs to be followed to make your cloud deployments cost effective. Our Cloud Consultancy helps your development teams create design patterns in application development which will make your apps cost effective and scalable.


If your organisation is planning its cloud deployment, drop us a line and our Cloud Consultancy service will help architect the perfect strategy.