Content Creation

Launching a software application or website and doing so successfully takes more than just building the tech solution or platform. To engage with the audience and generate traffic for the application requires a continual effort in original content creation. Even if a platform relies heavily on user generated content (UGC), seeding the community needs original content and also requires continual curation.

TechChronos Writers’ Network (TWN) is a community of over 25,000 editors, content managers, course creators, bloggers and translators globally who are generating and managing content served to over 10 million users monthly. TWN rates editors, translators and bloggers based on experience, customer reviews and industry so that you can always find someone who fits your project, audience and budget.

Ranging from a game community blog to a school’s newsletter management to corporate content creation, TWN has served projects of all sizes, spanning numerous industries. If you are looking to serve great original and engaging content for your community, TWN is the perfect place for you. Our network can not only help generate content but can also help manage your social media delivery and content publishing through partner service providers.

Training and Educational Content

One of our specialities is creating content for trainings and education curriculum. TWN hosts a niche community educators and trainers who have a life long passion for training and creating engaging material for the classroom environment – be it for adults or children.


If you are looking to internationalise your application by offering your service or content to global communities, you may want to take a look at our translation service offerings which offers translations to 37 languages.

Visual Aids

To substantiate the writing services, our design teams can create visual aids, infographics and press material as part of your campaigns, branding or outreach efforts.



While TWN serves most industries and niches, but we do not provide content creation or translation services for Legal and Medical sectors or areas which are safety-critical.


If you are looking to engage with your audience with creative content and want to internationalise, drop us a line and we can get started right away.