Game Design and Assets

Developing assets for a game is a blend of science and art and lots of research. Graphics and audio are key elements of a game. These components make a game relatable and appealing to its target audience. The game assets need to be created with the gamer in mind and what the objectives of the game are.

The nature of the game assets is also strongly determined by the genre of the game. Assets for a platformer game will be in stark contrast to that of a puzzle game which will differ from an earn-and-build game.

Assets are also key to how a game is monetised. Often games provide richer content for premium users who are willing to pay for exclusive items in the game. On the other hand if a game is created as a part of a brand promotion or a marketing campaign, it must include elements of the product or the brand.

At TechChronos, we offer a complete “assembly line” game development service. Game asset creation is such a key component that it merits a special mention. There are 4 critical aspects to our asset development process.


The key to asset creation is to understand who the assets are being created for and what is the context of the game. The game design team at TechChronos has a dedicated design research component which ensures that we are always on top of the latest trends and best practices in game design. We ensure what we ship is exactly what your audience will relate to and engage with.

Art Direction

Creating game visuals – be it static assets, animations, sprites, cut scenes or the in game store – the art direction is a key decision point. Our art team is a mixed bag of experience and youth. It comprises of veterans who have worked on big ticket Hollywood CGI projects and Indie designers who are full of radical and disruptive ideas.

Game Design

Game design is the process of creating the blueprint of a game – all the logical bells and whistles. It includes

and other nitty gritty details which is unique to each game. TechChronos houses a strong team of game designers specialising in social and casual games.

Audio and Sound effects

We collaborate with freelance composers and orchestras to create game audio assets.


If you are about to embark on your next game project, check out our development process and game development service. Or simply drop us a line.