Game Development

Games have reshaped the entertainment, business and education landscapes in numerous ways. With the advent of social media networks and smart phones in the past decade, the growth of casual mobile gaming has been exponential.

What has changed remarkably in the last few years is the rise of social gaming. This has led to innovations in the field of peer-based learning, brand engagement, corporate training and advertising. It is not uncommon to find the modern day classroom fitted with various game elements which facilitates teaching of difficult conceptions through simulated or virtualised environment. Brands and celebrities often build massive social games to connect with their audience and to build stickiness. Corporates have used creative gaming elements to promote productivity and competitiveness in the workplace.

TechChronos Game development services are not set to build the next MMORPG or the next mega-series. Instead we focus on the niche of building casual and social games which serve business or education goal for our clients. We work with the educational institutions, brands and corporates to help build games and game elements which promotes engagement, learning and marketing.

The process starts with understanding of the following key factors:

Our game designers go to the drawing board to work on concepts, genre and concept art which will suit the objective and audience of the game. With inputs and feedbacks from our client, the concept is concretised. Upon completion and launch of the game, we help track the insights and engagement.

We have primarily developed games for Social Media Platforms, Mobile and the Web for clients spanning Education, Brands and Marketing Agencies.

Educational Game Development

Games are a great way to engage kids and teach them challenging concepts simply. STEM disciplines and software programming are key candidates where games facilitate ease of learning and peer-based learning. The games generally involve kids trying to complete in-game objectives which requires their curricular and extra-curricular knowledge to do so. At TechChronos, we have had the privilege of working with over 100 schools and educational institutes in Singapore, India and the UAE to engage kids in their curriculum through games.

Brands and Marketing Agencies

With the changing landscape of the marketplace, consumers are pandered with news products everyday. Customer loyalty and retention are often two of the most challenging aspects to manage. The current day consumer is more aware and is not often married to the products they use.

But what drives customer loyalty is good content and after sales services. One of the great ways to build stickiness with your customers is get them to engage socially with the brand. Building a sub-culture around a community driven social game is one of best ways to build brand stickiness and also promote products and content to the consumer. Ranging from tyre manufacturers to cosmetic companies, we have delivered game based community development for multiple brands globally.


We provide the full “assembly line” service when it comes to game development. Starting from game concept, level design, audience analysis to developing the game assets and the game itself, we have teams in place to handle each aspect of the process. If you are looking to develop casual and social games for the mobile or web, drop us a line.