Mobile and Web UI/UX

Interface design for web and mobile applications is a complex process. It is one part engineering and other part artistic inspiration. One part is User Experience Design (UX) and the other part is User Interface Design (UI). Both aspects are critical to build a great frontend to an application and they are complementary to each other.

TechChronos Interface Design Process

When building a frontend to an application – be it for the web or the mobile – we demystify the jargon around UI/UX. After understanding the application you are building and who you are building it for, we breakdown the UX and UI elements into action items. Once we collate the results from our research team and your inputs, we set to defining the expectations and objectives that the entire process must fulfil.

UX Design

User experience design is the process of improving customer satisfaction and loyalty while the customer interacts with the product. This generic guide applies for all products – be it digital or otherwise. In the case of digital products this translates to:

Building a good user experience for a software is an iterative and continual process. Our team is equipped to offer critical UX design services:

At TechChronos, we work with several technologies which capture user responses to your product. Each product has unique challenges when it comes to UX design and it tends to evolve as the product grows and matures. We offer continual UX analytics, Goal tracking and A/B testing services which can aid in decision making as your product evolves.

UI Design

User interface design is the process of applying the aesthetics to the User experience design formulated for the product. It involves convergent thinking in order to build the right look and feel for your product. The process at TechChronos involves creating mockups, graphic assets and layouts based on the UX guidelines and iterating till the right brand image and user experience have been achieved. It is a combined effort that involves graphic designers, brand designers, application designers and frontend developers.


If you are about to launch a software product or looking to revamp an existing one, drop us a line.