Mobile and Wearables Apps

Smart phones have transformed the digital landscape in the last decade. Coupled with more affordable and superior cellular data technologies, digital penetration has also increased exponentially. With a wide range of developmental tools that have become available, it has become affordable to build and deploy mobile applications rapidly. It has seen companies and organisations – MNCs and SMEs alike – shift their core operations to mobile and are serving more customers than before. With wearable technologies, the stage is set for another wave of technological and business innovations in the coming years.

TechChronos Mobile and Wearables development unit provides end-to-end application development service for Smart devices and Wearables. Our team is proficient in rapid prototyping and building the apps in short iterative steps. We not only help our clients build and deploy the app but support through maintenance and upgrade as new features are rolled out and new versions of operating systems are released.

The global smartphone user base has reached 2 billion in 2015 and we have served 45 million of the users across all our apps. Our mobile development services include:

iOs App development

Android App development

Windows 8 and Windows 10 App development

HTML5/Hybrid app development

With over 500+ apps developed, deployed and maintained the Mobile and Wearables team at TechChronos has worked with several industries including Education, Healthcare, FinTech, Travel, Image Processing, Publishing, Utilities, Games, Mobile Commerce, Advertising, Surveys and Charities.

Drop us a line if you are thinking of building a new mobile app or wearable tech.