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Reaching your audience globally and effectively is a challenging task. Even big organisations with billion of dollars in internationalisation budgets struggle with content when entering new markets. The process for a startup or a SME can be even more daunting.  Managing new products, customer reviews, sales decks, manuals, websites and apps are challenging enough, but it gets even more tricky when it comes to media – image, audio and video – assets.

TechChronos Writers’ Network (TWN) is a global workforce of editors, writers, content managers and native speakers from 100+ countries who create and translate content read by over 10 million digital users every month. TWN rates editors, translators and bloggers based on experience, customer reviews and industry so that you can always find someone who fits your project, audience and budget.

Our translation services support more than 35 languages and 90 dialects which covers 85% of world population’s. Each and every translation and voiceover is carried using native speakers which ensures not only you are getting the highest quality translation but also it also adds local flavour which your audience can relate to. For audio and voiceover translations, we work with high quality studios globally to do the recordings.

Translate textual and audio-visual content in 35+ languages using TechChronos translation service

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Reach 85% of the world's population with TechChronos translation service in 35+ languages


While TWN serves most industries and niches, but we do not provide content creation or translation services for Legal and Medical sectors or areas which are safety-critical.

With TWN, the process of internationalisation and serving global audience and customers is as easy as it gets. Drop us a line and you can jump start your internationalisation plans.