Web and Desktop Apps

Data is at the core of today’s business. To make that data usable by stakeholders a software application needs to be developed. Stakeholders can be the staff in the company, partners, collaborators, vendors or customers. Each stakeholder interacts with and uses the data in a different way. Depending on the nature of the operation and the way users access the application, it can be deployed as a web, mobile or desktop application or a combination of the three. The software application to be built depends on:

The software application built for a company takes various forms based on the context and usage of the application. But most applications can be broadly categorised into two groups: back office management applications and public facing applications.

Back office management

A Back office management app controls the core operations of a company. Some of the common back office softwares that TechChronos team has built and deployed are:

Public facing applications

A public facing application is intended for the company’s customers, collaborators, suppliers or anyone who’s an external stakeholder of the company. The applications tend to be transactional and often delivers a service or a product of the company. Here are some common public facing applications developed and deployed by our team:

Application development

In spite of the diversity of bespoke applications, the core is similar and certain common objectives need to be fulfilled in all applications:

TechChronos application development team has the experience of building 200+ web and desktop applications. We have developed expertise in working with multiple technologies and development stacks and follow an agile development process. If you are looking to build a bespoke solution for internal back office or for serving your customers, get in touch with us.